Planning a rebrand in 2022? Here are some tips to consider.

December 22, 2021

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. It’s how your consumers recognize your product or service, how you communicate your values, and ultimately, how you form relationships with your audience.

To stay relevant, your brand needs to evolve and adapt over time. Responding to technology, trends and audience behaviour is key. If your brand has become outdated or is no longer serving your audience, it could be costing you business. 

Rebranding can be a worthwhile exercise for many reasons. It’s a chance to define your business objectives, analyze your competition and further understand your place in the market. 

If your organization is planning to rebrand in 2022, here are some tips to consider:

Clearly define your mission and values
It sounds simple, but your leadership team needs to be clear on its mission and values before a rebrand can be successful. If everyone is not on the same page, there will be conflict. 

Identify the decision-makers
Rebranding can be a big undertaking with many voices and opinions in the mix. Feedback from key stakeholders is valuable – as is identifying the final decision-makers early and including them throughout the project. When the people who ultimately make the decisions are left out, the project can unravel in the final stages. 

Define your potential audience
Most likely, your rebrand is underway to grow or scale. It’s essential to define your audience and consider their demographic attributes. It’s also essential to define your potential new audiences. Who would you like to reach in a year? In five years? How can the current rebranding efforts help?

Consider the whole picture
A brand needs consistency to be effective. Consider all of your brand’s touchpoints to avoid confusion and unsureness when you relaunch. If your social media looks one way and your website looks different your consumer will be less likely to trust your brand.

Strategize for earned media
Earned media is publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid advertising. There is a huge value with earned media in today’s climate. Although it can be more challenging to get, the launch phase of your rebrand should make room for this form of content marketing. Reviews, media coverage and social media mentions are all incredibly beneficial to your rebranding efforts.

The design of your brand should be positively contributing to your business. If backed by a proper strategy and planning, investing in a rebrand will be worthwhile. Your design and marketing team can help you navigate the process and determine when the time is right for your organization.

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