September 9, 2019

Tanya Duffy receives an ArtsNB Documentation Grant to research New Brunswick’s graphic design history.

New Brunswick has a rich and notable visual history, and recently there has been much exploration of its postwar visual culture. Yet a significant area has been left largely unexamined: graphic design. From the modernist 1960s corporate identities of the New Brunswick Telephone Company and the New Brunswick Power Commission, to the groundswell of energetic work embodying the modern Acadian Renaissance, to the extraordinary, decades-old legacy of posters produced by Theatre New Brunswick during the 1970s, the province’s graphic design narrative is an active and integral part of our cultural identity that has been overlooked – until now. 

With the support of an ArtsNB documentation grant, The Details’ creative director has embarked on a research project investigating the history of New Brunswick’s graphic design narrative. The end result will be an exhibition and accompanying catalogue. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this project.